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At Logic, we are committed to marketing our products responsibly. Only adult smokers may proceed to enter.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.




As a company concerned about the environment, we take our responsibility very seriously. Logic products contain a rechargeable lithium ion/lithium polymer battery and should be recycled or disposed of properly in accordance with applicable state and local requirements at the end of its useful life.

To encourage responsible recycling of Logic batteries and to provide greater convenience for our customers, Logic has now partnered with Call2Recycle – an industry leader in rechargeable battery and electronic goods recycling. Please call 1-877-2RECYCLE or visit www.call2recycle.org to find the battery drop-off location that is nearest to you. Call2Recycle has nearly 30,000 collection sites in North America, including convenient locations like gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and office supply stores. Please be sure to remove the Logic cartridge before disposing of the battery.


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Logic takes the issue of youth access to nicotine containing products very seriously and believes that minors should neither use nor be able to obtain electronic cigarettes. As a responsible company, we operate self-imposed marketing restrictions, place health warnings on all our products and operate a stringent age-verification system for any online sales through our website. This system requires the verification of government issued identification before any purchase can be made.

To reinforce our position in relation to youth access, especially for retailers who sell Logic products, Logic sponsors the WeCard Program and serves on its Manufacturers Advisory Council. Logic supports and promotes WeCard's ongoing efforts to raise awareness of responsible retailing and age verification requirements and to educate and train retail employees to identify and prevent underage attempts to purchase age-restricted products.


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As a responsible company, Logic is part of a community that firmly believes in securing the intellectual property (IP) rights for our business and others, taking a zero tolerance stance toward counterfeiting, and protecting consumers from potentially dangerous or defective counterfeit or pirated goods. If you believe you have witnessed the theft of intellectual property belonging to Logic or any other business – including but not limited to counterfeit/"knock off" products, trademark or logo infringement, or IP piracy – we encourage you to report the activity through the U.S. government’s National Intellectual Rights Coordination Center:


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