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What Are E-Cig Cartridges: A Detailed Guide to Logic’s E-Liquid Cartridges

What are E-Cig Cartridges?

Vaping technology has evolved at an incredible speed, providing more convenience to the vaper with each innovation. Just as large tank systems have advanced into the modern cig-a-like devices of today, the refillable feature of vapes has simplified into pre-filled cartridges for e-cigs. In this blog, we’ll dive into the advantages of this design, and the differences between Logic’s refill options.

A cartridge-based system offers vapers a convenient vaping experience. Logic e-cig cartridges are pre-filled, ready for use refills for your Logic Power device. The need to constantly refill your device with e-liquid can be an unnecessary hassle. Logic refills are designed to eliminate this struggle. We’ve removed the hassle of refilling e-liquid into your vape tank by creating pre-filled capsules and cartridges. This design has made changing refills easy and convenient.

On top of that, vaporizers that use open tank systems often require vapers to replace coils by hand. Logic’s cartridges and capsules are integrated with coils, so each time you replace your pre-filled refill, you are also replacing the coil for your device. This keeps each puff of vapor fresh. Check out one of our past blogs for more benefits to pre-filled refills.

What is the Difference Between a Capsule and Cartridge?

As a Logic customer you may notice that we offer two distinct types of refills – capsules and cartridges. While it may seem obvious enough that capsules are used with Logic Pro devices, and cartridges are used for Logic Power, the real difference lies in how they each fit into their respective devices.

Capsules are inserted into the capsule case of your Logic Pro device, and the battery is then screwed onto the capsule case. Since capsules are transparent, vapers can easily see the e-liquid level by looking through the Logic Pro capsule window.

Cartridges for e-cigs, on the other hand, are designed with an integrated mouthpiece. The e-liquid is pre-filled into the cartridge. Assembly is simple - all one needs to do is screw the cartridge onto the battery of a Logic Power. By doing so, you replace the mouthpiece, coil and e-liquid all at once.

Logic capsules and cartridges for e-cigs make vaping easy and simple. Don’t worry about refilling tanks or manually changing coils. Logic takes care of it all. For more information about e-cig cartridges or Logic devices , feel free to chat with a Consumer Care representative on our site or call 844-552-9623.