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How to Vape In The Winter

It seems like just yesterday we were wearing our favorite warm-weather outfits and basking in the glow of the sun. No matter how hard we try to will away the cold weather, many of us will inevitably be experiencing the winter frost very soon.

For the routine vaper, who frequently enjoys stepping outside to take a few puffs of their e-cigarette, winter months can change up your vaping routine. But have no fear – we’ve compiled a few of our best tips for vaping in the winter.

Protect Your Vape Device from Extreme Temperatures

Although e-liquid has a lower freezing point than water, it is never recommended to expose your device or refills to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, exposing your device to cold temperatures can reduce battery life. In short, batteries are a product of energy reactions.

When exposed to cold weather, the atoms within the battery do not react as fast as they do in warm weather. Since your battery must work harder in the cold, it will drain much faster. To prevent these unwanted side effects from occurring, be sure to tuck your Logic device away when it’s not in use and never leave your device in a cold vehicle overnight.

Spend Less Time Vaping Outside

Yes, in the beautiful summer months, stepping outside to enjoy your e-cigarette was a relaxing and satisfying moment. However, while vaping in the winter, your best option may just be to remain outside for the minimum amount of time.

While vaping in the winter may not be your ideal condition, there are steps you can take to make it a much more enjoyable experience. When you take proper care of your device, it will last you much longer. For more tips on taking care of your Logic e-cigarette, check out our other blogs. Logic is all about making life satisfying and convenient – even in colder temperatures.