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The Ins and Outs of Electronic Vaping

Decontructed Vape

Some electronic vaping devices are made to look like traditional cigarettes; others are bulky and box-like. Whether you’re vaping with Logic’s sleek design or playing the field with other types of e-cigarettes, they all tend to have the same five underlying components. Although electronic cigarettes have been around since the early 2000s, many vapers don’t fully understand the intricate details that go into producing vapor. For a more in-depth look into how vaping really works, keep reading.

Basic Electronic Vaping Components

Vaping is the process of turning e-liquid into inhaled vapor. Most devices include a rechargeable lithium battery that powers the overall system. The atomizer or cartomizer within the system is another essential component. Atomizers are slowly becoming outdated in the realm of vaping. This component requires the vaper to drip e-liquid onto the coils. A cartomizer, on the other hand, combines the cartridge and atomizer for convenience and usability. Lastly, one of the most essential components of vaping is the e-liquid itself – which normally includes nicotine and flavors.

Electronic Vaping Process

From battery to mouthpiece, electronic cigarettes are an intricate invention. Once a vaper inhales, e-liquid from the cartridge or capsule absorbs through the wick, harnessing the power of capillary action. Integrated coils heat up through the battery operation. Once the e-liquid travels through the heated coil, the e-liquid turns to vapor. This vapor can then be inhaled by the vaper. The coils continue to produce heat, and in turn vapor, until the consumer stops inhaling on the device.

While the internal structure of an e-cigarette may seem complex, it is fairly simple to understand. At Logic, we believe being transparent and educating vapers helps everyone better understand and use their device.

For more information on the components of Logic e-cigarettes or how our systems work, feel free to browse our guides or reach out to our customer service.