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Logic Social Media Policy

Last Modified: July 3, 2019

Thank you for joining our social media community, we are thrilled to have you!

Logic Technology Development LLC (Logic) is proud to create a space where our customers and other adult smokers and vapers can engage with us every day. As social media changes the way consumers research and shop, our goal is to provide resources to learn about our products and our story. We look forward to connecting you to our brand and customer service team in a new and exciting way. Below we have outlined our active social media channels, terms, and a few dos and don’ts for interacting with us on these channels.

Your use of Logic social media is subject to this Logic Social Media Policy. The terms and policies of third-party social media platforms that you use to access our channel also apply.

Logic reserves all rights related to these social media pages. Logic may remove or modify content, block or mute users, or stop using our social media channels.

We like people that keep it real- real nice, that is.

• No one under 21

• No obscene language

• No explicit images

• No obsessive negativity

• No bullying

• No fake or anonymous users

• No posts or content that show unapproved use of Logic products

• No spam

Because life is too short to be mean.

The content on Logic social media channels is not legal or medical advice. Any discussion of legal or health topics should not be taken as advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer. If you need medical advice, please consult a medical professional.

Logic does not create or control posts, links, or content created by others. Logic does not endorse opinions or statements made by others. Following, sharing, or liking is not an endorsement by Logic. Links may take you away from Logic’s social media channels and Logic is not responsible for their content, terms, or policies of these sites or channels.

By using Logic social media, you agree that the content you submit will become public. Also, you agree to grant a license to Logic to use, display, publish, copy, or modify this content. By using Logic social media, you agree to release any claims you may have against Logic due to this license. Using Logic social media does not commit Logic to any action or create an obligation to you.

Complaints and suggestions should be handled by the Logic customer service team. Please contact Logic at: https://logicvapes.us/contacts. If you submit ideas and suggestions to our social media channels, you do not have ownership rights in these ideas, and Logic will not reimburse or compensate you.

This page is intended for an audience in the United States of America. All Terms and Conditions or other policies of Facebook and Instagram apply.