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Logic Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Last Modified: March 14, 2019

Consent and Agreement


Enrollment Eligibility

The Logic Rewards Program (the “Rewards Program”) is for adults that are 21 years of age and older. Members must be in the United States of America. Your use of the Rewards Program may be further limited by the laws of local jurisdictions. Consequently, the Rewards Program is void where prohibited by law.

Members of the Rewards Program agree to follow local laws regarding the legal age to purchase, consume or possess Logic products or to participate in the Rewards Program. Corporations, business entities, groups, and other organizations may not enroll or use this Rewards Program.

Members may not maintain more than one Rewards Program account. If more than one account is assigned to the same individual, the duplicate account will be cancelled. Points may be transferred between duplicate account at Logic’s sole discretion.


We respect the personal privacy of our customers and Rewards Program members. Please see our Privacy Policy.


Accounts are created on the Logicvapes.us. Customers must be age-verified. By creating an account Customers opt into the Logic Rewards Program and are automatically enrolled at the Bronze tier.


Members are responsible for selecting and using passwords. Members must maintain the confidentiality of passwords. If a member shares a password with a third party, the member is responsible actions taken by the third party. Members agree they will not share their passwords with minors or anyone under 21 years of age.

Members are responsible for name, address, or email changes in their accounts. Logic reserves the right to audit an account at any time for accuracy and to request supporting documentation to verify member information, including the age of members.

Logic reserves the right to terminate a member’s account at its sole discretion.


Logic Rewards Program gives members the opportunity to accumulate points and earn rewards. Points are accumulated by individuals in their personal accounts.

Members earn points through qualifying purchases and non-purchase point earning activities. When earning points thru non-purchase point earning activities, members must follow all rules and guidelines for the activity and the Rewards Program.

Use of the Logic website and the Rewards Program is subject to our Terms of Use and Legal Information.

Any points earned through social media, networking, or other websites are subject to the terms and conditions and policies of those websites. This Rewards Program is the responsibility of Logic and is not endorsed, sponsored, authorized, or supported by any 3rd party website.

Discounts and coupons may be used online only. Discounts may be combined with other offers, if explicitly stated by Logic. However, other restrictions may apply. If there is a discrepancy between a specific promotion’s terms and these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions will control.

The member is responsible for paying taxes, fees, and shipping, where applicable.

Logic may award points whole or in part at its sole discretion. The points awards structure is defined in the Logic Rewards Program Benefit Terms. Logic reserves the right to withhold points at its sole discretion. Logic reserves the right modify or eliminate the rate at which members earn points. Also, Logic reserves the right to add or remove point earning activities. Logic reserves the right to modify or eliminate the benefits tiers at its sole discretion.

Logic products purchased are subject to our Return Policy. Any points accumulated in a purchase that is later returned, cancelled by Logic or the member, or denied due to insufficient funds will result in the corresponding points being removed from the member’s account.

Program Changes, Updates, and Termination

Logic reserves the right to change the Rewards Program rules, rewards, terms and conditions, and offers without notice. The Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of purchase will govern the transaction.

Logic reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Program with notice of six (6) weeks. If the Rewards Program is terminated, Members will have an additional six (6) weeks from the termination date to use their benefits under this Rewards Program.

Restrictions on Transfer

Points do not have cash value. Points are not the property of any member, and members have no property interest in points. Points are the sole property of Logic.

Points may only be used to earn rewards with Logic, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Members may not sell, barter, attach, seize, pledge, or transfer points by operation of law, upon death, or in connection with any legal proceeding.

Fraud and Illegal Acts

Logic may temporarily prohibit you from earning points or using points you have already earned if we suspect that you or your account are involved in fraudulent activity.

Logic reserves the right to remove members or suspend, deactivate, disable, or terminate member accounts if fraudulent or illegal conduct is suspected. Additionally, Logic reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies related to fraudulent or illegal conduct.

Force Majeure

Logic reserves the right to cancel, terminate, change, or suspend temporarily the Rewards Program if it is unable to conduct the Program as originally planned. Acts including, but not limited to, fraud, governmental regulations, hacking, equipment or software malfunction, and natural disasters may affect Logic’s ability to conduct the Rewards Program. Logic will not be liable for interruptions or cancellation of the Program related to unforeseen events.

Transfer of Rights

Logic may assign our rights and obligations in the Rewards Program and under this agreement to a third party.

Limitation of Liability

Logic is not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete account information, including members’ addresses.

The Rewards Program and its features may occasionally be unavailable or inaccurate and Logic is not liable for these errors.

Logic is not liable for unauthorized use of points or coupons.

Logic reserves the right to request information from members regarding account information and age verification.

Logic makes no express or implied warranties, representations, or guarantees regarding the Rewards Program or the availability of products.

Logic is not liable for damages arising out of members’ use of the Rewards Program.

Logic is not liable for late, lost, or misdirected coupons.

Governing Law

By creating an account and participating in the Rewards Program, you agree that the Rewards Program and these Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of the State of New York. Members submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of New York courts, and waive any objection to such jurisdiction, including forum non conveniens. This is without regard to the conflict of law provisions of New York.

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