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Logic Rewards Program Benefit Terms

To participate in the Rewards Program, members must create an account. Members can earn points thru purchase and non-purchase activities. After making a qualifying purchase, new members will earn 10 points per $1 and receive free shipping on orders greater than $20. Points are awarded using the pre-tax sale price of the qualifying purchase. Please allow 2 days for points to be reflected in your account.

The following table sets out the non-purchase point earning activities.

Point Earning Activity Points
Account Creation 300
Miss You Discount 1000
Referral 500 points + 20% off next order after referral's purchase
Product Rating 50
Email Sign Up 250
Birthday Bonus 250

Any points earned through a social media, networking, or other website are subject to the terms and conditions and policies of those websites. This Rewards Program is the responsibility of Logic and is not endorsed, sponsored, authorized, or supported by any 3rd party website.

Accumulated points earn members a status in a benefit tier. The following table sets out the benefits tier and associated rewards.

Tier Name Tier Thresholds Points per dollar Bundle Discount Special Discounts on Products 20% Online Coupons
Bronze Upon enrollment 10 No No One time
Silver 2,000 12 No Yes 4 times/year
Gold 5,000 15 10% Yes 4 times/year
Platinum 15,000 20 15% Yes 4 times/year

Active accounts are those in which members make purchases within the past 365 days. After 365 days of inactivity, an account will be considered inactive.

Logic reserves the right to notify you that your account is inactive. However, Logic is not obligated to send notifications because monitoring account status and points balances are the responsibility of members. Logic will not be liable for errors in communications regarding point totals and account status. Logic reserves the right to change members’ points total and account status for reasons such as fraud.

After 365 days of inactivity, Logic reserves the right to close member accounts. Logic reserves the right to convert unused points to a one-time courtesy coupon. Points total will be reset to 0.