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As the latest addition to the Logic brand, Vapeleaf offers a revolutionary way to enjoy real tobacco without burning, smoke smell or ash. Vapeleaf works by passing heated vapor through ground tobacco to capture true flavor in every puff. It tastes more like real tobacco because it is real tobacco. It’s that simple.

Logic’s Vapeleaf device offers a revolutionary way to enjoy authentic tobacco without the smoke smell or ash. The device requires caps, each containing granulated tobacco that fit into the end of the cartridge. Each cap provides about 50 puffs, but you’ll know it’s time to replace when you see the light at the end of your device blink blue and you get an empty puff. Simply switch out the caps onto the cartridge and you’re ready to continue vaping! Keep in mind that one Vapeleaf cartridge can be used with up to five caps. So one Vapeleaf refill comes complete with one cartridge and 5 caps for use!