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A Look Into the Next Evolution in Tobacco Vaping

Logic Vapeleaf Pen

Using a unique and innovative process, Vapeleaf combines the experience of real tobacco with the ease and convenience of a simple-to-use electronic cigarette. So is it tobacco or is it vaping? Well, we’re glad you asked. In short, Vapeleaf is a combination of both.


If you are familiar with vaping and the different styles of e-cigs and vapes, then you are more acquainted with Vapeleaf than you think. Like an e-cigarette, the pen-styled Vapeleaf device uses vapor. The difference is that instead of the flavored nicotine e-liquid you may find in an e-cig cartridge, Vapeleaf gets its distinctive flavor from capsules containing real, specially-processed tobacco.


How Logic Vapeleaf Works

Vapeleaf uses a process, best described as infusion, to pack each puff with flavor. When heated, the vapor from the flavorless, nicotine-free e-liquid passes through the tobacco cap, picking up flavor and nicotine content along the way.


A simple 3-part device comprised of a capsule, cartridge and battery work together to provide the Vapeleaf experience. Each granulated tobacco-filled cap provides rich tobacco flavor. Find your perfect taste with our tobacco, menthol or menthol purple options. The rechargeable battery is synchronized to last as long as one refill pack: one nicotine-free e-liquid cartridge and five tobacco caps.

Interested in learning more about tobacco vaping with Vapeleaf? The Vapeleaf Device Bundle has everything you need to get started, including the Vapeleaf Device and two five-cap refill packs in the flavors of your choice. For specifications, visit our Vapeleaf page and see why Vapeleaf is an innovative vaping device.