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Everything You Need to Know About Vape Atomizers

Vape Atomizer Question and Answer

Vaping may seem overwhelming at first, but here at Logic, we want to make it simple for you, no matter your experience level. One area that is sometimes confusing to less experienced vapers is atomizers. In our blog, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs on everything related to vape atomizers to clear up all your questions. Keep reading to learn more!

Logic Pro Device

Q: What is a vape atomizer?

A: An atomizer is a key component of a vape. Composed of a heating coil, wick, and e-liquid reservoir, the atomizer is where the e-liquid flows through the wick and into the center of the heated coil where vapor is made.

Q: What atomizers do Logic’s devices include?

A: Logic’s atomizers use a disposable system, with cartridge coils. This means that once you run out of e-liquid, replacing the cartridge or capsule replaces the coil, wick, and reservoir all at once.

Pro Capsule

The Logic Pro Vaporizer is a closed-tank vaporizer, meaning that it uses prefilled capsules, complete with new coils, that screw directly onto the battery. Closed-system devices differ from open-system devices, which must be manually filled with e-liquid.

Power Capsule

Similarly, the Logic Power E-cig is a closed-tank e-cig. This device features convenient cartridges that come prefilled with e-liquid. This device is comprised of just the battery and e-liquid cartridge and assembles with a simple twist & lock system.

Logic Device

Q: What are the advantages of using a closed-system device?

A: The biggest difference between open-system and closed-system devices is that the latter are not refillable. This is actually a huge benefit for both newer adult vapers and experienced adult vapers who desire convenience and simplicity.

Because they use convenient and self-contained prefilled refills, closed-system devices like Logic Pro and Logic Power eliminate the need for messy manual e-liquid refills. Once you’ve finished using a Logic Pro capsule or Logic Power cartridge, simply replace it with a new one. It’s that easy!

We hope that this Q&A helps clear up your vape atomizer questions, but we welcome you to learn more and keep exploring our other guides and blogs on the site! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat with our Consumer Care team using the LiveChat link in the corner of our website, or please call us at 1 844-552-9623.