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Top Signs You’re a Pro Vaper

You Know You’re a Pro Vaper When…

If you’re in the Logic community, it’s safe to say that you’re a pro vaper. No one can swap out a cartridge faster. We’ve compiled a list of instances nearly every experienced vaper knows. If you’ve found yourself saying “you know you’re a vaper when…” during any of these circumstances, then you’re probably already a pro. Just to be sure, we’ve outlined the top 4 signs that you’re a vaping expert.

You know all about electricity and ohm's law

If you’re experienced as a vaper, you’ve likely learned more about electricity and ohm’s law than you ever did in school. You know that “ohm” is more than a calming yoga mantra – it’s the precise measurement of voltage in your battery. You’re also aware of the proper charging techniques – not leaving it on the charger overnight, not swapping charging docs, and plugging the device in before the battery drains too much. As a pro vaper, you’ve mastered the basics of proper battery handling.

Product bundles are safely stored in your cabinets

Every pro vaper knows how to properly store their product bundles. Dry cabinets are the optimal storage solution after you’ve stocked up on discounted capsules. Out of direct light, away from water and extreme temperature, a secure cabinet where children and pets can’t access is best.

You know how to avoid dry puff

If you’ve been vaping for quite some time, you know just the right actions to avoid dry puff. For more information, check out our blog on dry puff!

You've found your favorite vape device

When it comes to vaping, Logic gives vapers a range of options to choose from. You know you’re an experienced vaper when you already have your favorite.

Perhaps you prefer Logic Pro. With a smart-capsule window, vapers can see when their liquid is running low. Or maybe the Logic Power Rechargeable is your go-to. If you’re frequently on-the-go, the two-piece design of this device is perfect for a busy lifestyle.

As a pro vaper, you know what you like. That’s why Logic has developed our Easy-Reorder Program for your convenience. We save all your favorite orders within our system. When it’s time for you to restock on your favorite Logic products, they’re always waiting for you right in your account. To learn more about Logic’s products or our Easy-Reorder Program, reach out to our team!