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Voltage and Logic Pro Vaporizer Facts

Taking care of your vapor atomizer is essential in maximizing your vaping experience. To help our users get the most out of their Logic device, we’ve laid out the basics on coil voltage for you.

What are Vape Atomizer OHMS

Voltage (V) refers to the “push” that causes an electrical charge to move throughout a wired system. In the case of your Logic device, this ‘system’ is the atomizer coil. The term ‘ohm’ (Ω) is used as a measurement of voltage.

Vape atomizers have different ohm ratings, because each device has a different voltage. This voltage affects how much vapor it can produced by controlling the output.

Think of it this way: a high ohm rating means there is high voltage. Therefore, it is harder to produce vapor. A low ohm rating means there is a low voltage, so it’s easier to generate vapor.

Vape Atomizer Sub-Ohming

Sub-ohming is a term that refers to vaping on a device with less than one ohm of resistance. You can assume that a coil resistance less than one ohm would produce the greatest amount of vapor in each pull – and you’re right. Sub-ohming will result in a large amount of vapor, but with that comes a higher chance of battery degradation.

Low Voltage Vape Atomizers

Low voltage is typically classified as an atomizer rated below 2.2 ohms. If your atomizer coil has a low voltage, a greater amount of electrical charge can pass through it. Vapor, in turn, is produced more quickly and exists at a hotter temperature.

  • Coils generate more heat
  • Greater amount of vapor

While this sounds like an enticing option, low resistance is not always the best idea. The increase in current drains your battery much faster and provides a higher probability of battery degradation over time. Your e-liquid will also be used up much more quickly with a low voltage coil, since it needs more e-liquid to make more vapor per puff.

High Resistance Vape Atomizers

High resistance atomizers have an ohm rating of 4.2 ohms or more. Upping the resistance of your vape decreases your chances of harming your battery because less electricity is running through it. With less electricity flow, however, you will experience a reduced amount of vapor in each puff.

  • Longer lasting battery
  • Less e-liquid is used

Logic E-Cigarettes and Vapes

Fortunately for Logic users, all our devices come at fixed power settings derived from the constant coil voltage and resistance values. Our Logic Power Rechargeable E-Cig comes at a fixed coil voltage of 2.6. The Logic Pro maintains 2.3 ohms. And our Vapeleaf comes at 2.9 ohms. Each device maintains a sweet spot in between low and high resistance.

Logic Pro Logic Power Logic VapeLeaf
Logic Pro Device Logic Power Device Vapeleaf Device
2.3 Ω 2.6 Ω 2.9 Ω

So what does this mean for you? Your e-cigarette will be able to release flavorful vapor without risking battery degradation – the perfect combination. And since all our Logic devices come at a fixed voltage setting, you never need to worry about adjusting the voltage or replacing spent coils. Every time you insert a new cartridge, your coils will also be replaced – giving you a fresh start.

To learn more about Logic vapes, check out our resource guides. We’ll help you find the best vape to suit your preferences. With Logic devices, your vaping experience is more convenient than ever.