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The Lowdown on Logic Vape Bundles

Vape Bundles: What’s All the Hype?

When you find what you love, it just sticks. That’s why Logic has made it easy for customers to purchase their favorite Logic refills at a discounted bulk price. Eliminate the hassle of constantly running to the store to refill. When you purchase a vape bundle, you’ll be set for quite some time. If you’re contemplating hopping on the bundle train, these perks are sure to seal the deal.

Logic vape bundles come in two varieties – device bundles and refill bundles.

Device Bundle Benefits

Looking to add a device to that bundle? We have just what you need. Logic vape bundles, like the Power Kit + Two 2-Cartridge Bundle or the Pro Vaporizer + Two 2-Capsule Bundle, come with everything a vaper could need. Each bundle is equipped with your choice of device and two packs of two refills. If this is your first time trying out a Logic device, purchasing a vape bundle ensures you receive every necessary component to get started.

Refill Bundle Benefits

When you opt to purchase a refill bundle, you’ll reap some pretty awesome perks. Buying in bulk gives you a large quantity of 2-pack refills. Take your pick of 5, 10, 15, or 30 packs. On top of the convenience of stocking up, purchasing bundles helps you save money. Every refill bundle comes at a discount price. It pays to be prepared.

How to Store Your Bundle

Once you’ve purchased a bundle, you can easily store extra cartridges and capsules in a dry, dark location. We do not recommend leaving your cartridges out in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures. Irregular environment settings could offset quality of the e-liquid. If you safely store each of your bundled items, they’ll be fresh and ready for use when the time comes.

Purchasing Bundles

Logic makes it extremely easy to purchase refill or vape bundles. Our website has a “Deals” section that links to several bundle options. Here, you can view different price points and select your refill preference. Browse our array of bundles and take your pick!

When it comes to options – Logic got it right. We understand that customers are keen on their specific refill type. That’s why we’ve made it easy to stock up on your favorite products. To top it all off, we’ve thrown in some extra savings. Next time you’re in the market for Logic, be sure to check out our refill and vape bundles.