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Dry Vaping e-Cig in Desert

We understand that vapers want to have a straight-forward, positive and easy vape experience. Yet, with many things going in our lives, it may be easy to overlook the proper maintenance of your device. However, maintaining your device properly and understanding how it works will make all the difference. At Logic, we understand that there’s nothing worse than taking a puff of an e-cigarette, and exhaling a burnt, dry flavor. This is known as “dry puff,” and is both unpleasant and avoidable. To learn how to prevent dry puff from happening, and what products we offer, keep reading...


Dry puff occurs when the atomizer heats up, but does not have enough e-liquid to vaporize. This results in a dried out vapor with an unappetizing flavor. The bad taste left in your mouth can make the entire experience unpleasant. Fortunately, Logic has you covered to help you ensure that dry puff won’t happen again.

Liquid Cartridge Running Low

There are several reasons your vaporizer or e-cigarette might have quickly run out and left you with an unsatisfying hit. The most common problem is your liquid cartridge has gotten too low. When the liquid level is sub-prime, the wick will not be able to stay saturated. Don’t sacrifice your satisfaction by holding onto an old, dried out cartridge. Make sure you’re changing your cartridge before it runs dry.

Vapor Device is Overheating

The wattage of your vaporizer may also be contributing to the occurrence of dry puff. If you have a vaporizer with an adjustable wattage, it’s ideal to make sure you do not overdo the power. If the wattage is too high, the atomizer will heat up too quickly, leaving the vaporizer’s wick unsaturated and at a suboptimal temperature. Luckily, Logic e-cigarettes each come with a fixed wattage, specifically appropriate for each device.

Vaporizer is Overused

A separate issue that may result in a dry puff is the overuse of internal coils. If your vaporizer has gone through some wear and tear, the coils might just be coming up to replacement. Typically, e-liquid will build up within the coils over time, leaving a residue. But have no fear, Logic has got you covered yet again. Our products are a great solution to this common occurrence because when you change a Logic cartridge or capsule, this also replaces not only the e-liquid but also the coil for your device. No need to worry about the lifetime of your vaporizer’s coils, because slipping in a new cartridge will ensure the device will run smoothly again.

Rely On Us for Quality Vape Devices

Purchasing a reliable e-cigarette in the first place will significantly reduce your chance of experiencing dry puff. Logic e-cigs and vape devices have been crafted to the specific need of our consumers. With replaceable cartridges, built-in coils, and fixed wattages, Logic products help to limit the chances of dry puff. Just change out the capsule or cartridge when it’s low and you’re good to go! Learn more about our products to find out which device would best suit you.