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Recycle Vape Batteries With Call2Recycle

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At Logic, we're invested in doing better¬–for adult vapers around the country and for the environment. As a result, we are focused on implementing responsible recycling practices for our products' lithium-ion batteries.

Recycling vape batteries doesn't have to be complicated¬. In fact, it can be pretty simple! Plus, proper recycling protocol has a tremendous environmental impact, keeping materials out of landfills, allowing materials to be reclaimed and used to manufacture new products, and ensuring safe disposal of these products.

Keep reading to learn how to recycle your Logic e-cig and vape batteries responsibly!

Recycle Vape Batteries With Call2Recycle

To clear up the question of how to recycle your vape batteries, we can break down different aspects of the process step by step. Here are your essential questions about recycling, answered.

What Are The Components of a Vape?

First and foremost, before any recycling actually takes place, it's critical to understand the unique components of your vape device or e-cig. This is because ¬not every element of the Logic device is recyclable.

Here are the components of a vape device or e-cig you need to know:

  • Logic Pro Vaporizer: Comprised of a battery, pre-filled e-liquid cartridge, and sleek body featuring a capsule window and LED one-touch button
  • Logic Power Rechargeable E-Cig: Comprised of just the battery and a pre-filled e-liquid cartridge for quick, two-piece assembly

Are Logic Products Recyclable?

Logic’s lithium-ion batteries can be recycled. The most important thing to keep in mind is that adult vapers must remove the nicotine component before recycling their vape device's batteries. This applies to both Logic Pro Vaporizer and Logic Power Rechargeable E-cig.

Special care must be taken to remove the nicotine component from your device. Make sure you know how to replace Logic Pro capsules and how to replace Logic Power cartridges before recycling your lithium-ion batteries.

What Happens to My Recycled Products?

Your device's recyclable components–such as vape batteries–can be reclaimed and used for future manufacturing. For example, lithium-ion batteries, the type used in Logic devices, can be recycled into steel, stainless steel and new batteries.

What is Call2Recycle?

All of this is made possible through our partnership with Call2Recycle, an industry leader in battery collection and recycling. Their services are free, convenient, and encourage the responsible management of materials.

Logic has been a proud partner of Call2Recycle's Stewardship Battery Recycling Program since 2016.

Call2Recycle collection locations are located at retail sites where Logic products are sold, such as gas stations, convenience stores and supermarkets, and some major national home improvement stores and office-supply stores. There are also drop-off locations at some municipal waste centers. With nearly 30,000 collection sites in North America, it's easy to find a drop-off location near you.

Learn more about Call2Recycle and Logic's commitment to social responsibility here.