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An Intro to Vaping E-Cigs

Your Go-To Guide for an Intro to Vaping

Interested in vaping but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a concise explanation to help you get started. If you’re a vaper at least 21 years of age or older, keep reading to explore our intro to vaping e-cigs.

What exactly is an e-cig?

An electronic cigarette, or “e-cig” for short, is a battery-operated device that produces neither smoke nor ash. Instead, these devices use cartridges or capsules filled with an e-liquid containing nicotine, flavorings, and other ingredients, if you want to learn more about Logic’s e-liquid ingredients read our FAQ. An individual e-cig is comprised of a mouthpiece, an e-liquid filled cartridge or capsule, a heating element, a rechargeable or disposable battery and a charger.

How do I vape?

No introduction to vaping is complete without answering the big question: “How do I use my new vape device?” Fortunately, it’s a simple process. Charge your device according to the manufacturer’s instructions, fill the tank or attach a capsule/cartridge, press the button (if applicable), and inhale to enjoy. Unlike e-cigs, many vaporizers use a tank to hold e-liquid as opposed to a cartridge; this means that you need to manually add additional e-liquid when you want to refill the tank or switch flavors. You can eradicate the mess and up the convenience of your vaping experience by choosing Logic Pro, which uses pre-filled e-liquid capsules.

Meet Logic Pro

Logic Pro is an innovative and simple introduction to smart vaping. Designed with ease in mind, this closed-tank vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand, is activated with just one button, features a sleek soft-touch finish, and comes with easily-switchable smart capsules for your convenience. Logic Pro comes with a high-power 650mAH battery and USB charger, delivering up to 500 puffs per charge. In just 70 minutes of charging time, your Logic Pro can last for hours of enjoyment -- it’s that simple!

Our recommendation: The hassle-free, easy-to-use Logic Pro is the perfect introductory vaporizer. Save when you buy the Logic Pro Vaporizer Bundle, which includes the Logic Pro device and two 2-capsule packs in flavors of your choice. Our bundle has everything you need to get started.