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Logic Devices Epitomize Why Consumers Love Logic

Five Reasons Our Customers Love Logic

Vaping Logic is about more than just a change of lifestyle or convenience – it’s also about our culture and community. Logic customers have fallen in love with our culture for numerous reasons.

If you’ve already switched to the Logic lifestyle, or you’re simply curious about Logic, we’ve outlined the top five reasons our consumers love Logic and our vaping products.

Convenient device design

The convenience and usability of Logic vapes is well-known. Logic’s sleek designs fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Logic Pro vapers simply push a button and inhale an easy draw of vapor. Logic Power vapers have an even more convenient experience. The button-free design allows vapers to easily inhale and receive a full puff of vapor. When you live a bustling, on-the-go lifestyle, convenience means everything.

Variety of E-Liquids

Logic carries a variety of e-liquids, offering you customizable options for your refills. Logic Pro's smart capsules are available in Tobacco, Toasted Tobacco, and Menthol, while Logic Power's pre-filled cartridges are available in Tobacco and Menthol.

Logic Vapes Community

Logic vapers love vaping because of the built-in sense of community. Whether it’s our excellent customer service team, our regular promotions or Logic’s Referral program, the Logic community has lots going on. When you refer a friend to Logic’s products, you’ll receive a discount on your next order as well as additional loyalty points.

Smoke-Free Vaping

Logic devices emit vapor instead of smoke. Consumers no longer need to worry about lighters, matches, or the smell of burning tobacco.

Easy Vape Maintenance

Logic’s usability is what keeps vapers coming back. Switching refills is always a breeze – no matter which device you choose. Just unscrew the capsule cover or cartridge and insert your next pre-filled option. Logic capsules and cartridges have fully-integrated coil systems. No need to worry about changing messy coils! Charging is also made simple by our fast-charging lithium ion batteries. Each device comes equipped with a USB charger for vaper convenience. From capsule swapping to charging, Logic always keeps things easy.

It is clear to see why consumers love vaping Logic. The usability, range of e-liquids, and sense of community all come together at Logic. If you love vaping just as much as we do, feel free to browse our Logic devices and e-liquids. The only thing we love more than the simplicity of vaping is growing our Logic community of adult vapers.

For more Logic knowledge, check out our complete list of guides and blogs. Logic is committed to an enjoyable vaping experience. For any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert support staff.