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Easy eLiquid for Vaping

Amid your bustling lifestyle, sometimes it’s hard to catch a break. That’s why vapers turn to Logic’s easy-to-use devices and refills! When your e-liquid runs out, Logic makes it easy to replace and get on with your day. With our pre-filled e-liquid capsules, switching between refills has never been so easy.

No Messy E-Liquid Refills

Traditional tank vaporizers require the vaper to fill up their device by hand each time it runs dry. This process is messy, time consuming, and puts a dent in your busy day. With Logic’s pre-filled capsules, the perfect amount of e-liquid is packaged up and ready for use. Just unscrew your Logic Pro, take out the used capsule, and slide in the new one. Just screw the device back together and you’re set to go. The Logic Power makes changing cartridges even easier, just twist and lock the cartridge into place.

E-Liquid Quality Remains in Check

When using a tank vaporizer system, you also need to be mindful of the wear and tear put on the atomizer coils. Atomizer coils begin to fail after a period of time. A burning taste is usually a sign that the coils have been overworked. Why put that added stress on your vaping experience? Each time you switch out your Logic e-liquid capsules, the coils are also replaced. Each pre-filled capsule is already set up with the proper amount of e-liquid and a fresh set of coils. Enjoy a fresh start with each new capsule.

Try different E-Liquid Refills

Logic has an assortment of refills to try. Why limit yourself to just one? We’ve made it convenient for you to switch out refills whenever you feel like it. With a tank vaporizer, you need to run your tank dry before adding new e-liquid refills to avoid a poor taste. But with Logic’s pre-filled capsules, you can swap out refills at any given moment. Maximize your vaping potential with the convenience of Logic.

Logic allows you to vape with ease. Our Logic Pro provides a versatile, simple means of satisfaction. Pick up your device today and try our variety of easy-to-use e-liquid capsules. Visit the promotions center and save with exclusive Logic discounts. Logic is made with you in mind.