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Does Eliquid Expire

You've probably found yourself asking, "Will my Logic device's e-liquid expire?" Just like any consumable product, e-liquid eventually does reduce in quality, which is why you should purchase refills and consume earlier than the “best before” date. While the best before dates on e-liquid tend to be further out than the produce packed into your fridge, it’s still something to stay mindful of.

E-Liquid Best Before Date

A best before date is an estimation of the date at which the flavor and consistency may no longer be guaranteed. If stored improperly, such as in direct sunlight, the quality of the contents can deteriorate much more quickly.

Store Capsules and Cartridges Properly

If your e-liquid has been improperly stored, there’s a higher likelihood that it will deteriorate before its best before date. Make sure you are keeping your capsules and cartridges in a cool, dry location as per manufacturer suggestions. Don’t leave e-liquid in direct sunlight, heat, or cold temperatures.

Look for Changes in E-Liquid Makeup and Taste

Ultimately, e-liquid will eventually deteriorate. While the date listed on the back of your packages act as a guide, take note of any changes in your e-liquid makeup and taste. If it does not appear as it did upon purchase or has been exposed to conditions outside of the manufacturer’s suggested storage, it’s best to just play it safe and purchase a new refill.

For more tips on caring for your Logic devices, reach out to our team. We’re always ready to help our customers enhance their vaping experience.