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Use Logic Power Disposables on the Go

Are you looking for a simple vape device? Perhaps you’ve long enjoyed e-cigarettes, but the worry of keeping a charged device just doesn’t fit into your active lifestyle. Logic understands that some vapers need a simple route to vapor satisfaction. That’s why we offer the Logic Power Disposable.

If you’re considering purchasing a disposable e-cigarette, check out the benefits.

  1. Great for Beginner Vapers

    If you’re a vaper or smoker over 21-years-old, and are looking to try an e-cigarette device, the Logic Power Disposable is a great option for you. Since there is no need to recharge or refill, this product comes with no added steps. Best of all, its affordable price makes it easy to purchase another device once you run out.

  2. No Device Charging Necessary

    The Logic Power Disposable provides one less charger to worry about. These e-cigarettes come fully charged and ready to enjoy. When you’ve finished, just dispose of the old one responsibly and purchase another one. You’ll never need to scramble for a charger again.

  3. Easy Assembly Vape Parts

    Above all else, Logic aims to make vaping effortless. The Logic Power Disposable takes ease to the next level. With two, easy-assemble parts and a full charge ready to go, there’s nothing you need to worry about.

  4. Affordable and Disposable Vape Option

    We get it – life can get a bit hectic. When you’re running between errands and work, it’s no surprise that phones, keys, and e-cigarettes are often misplaced. But with the Logic Power Disposable, there’s no reason to sweat over a lost device. Since this product is affordable and disposable, purchasing a fresh device won’t break the bank.

We’ve created the Logic Power Disposable to adapt to any vaper’s lifestyle. This device is sold at $9.99 and comes in tobacco and menthol. The sleek and convenient style keeps up with you.

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