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Choosing an E-Cig That’s Right For You

How Vape Coil Technology Has Evolved Through the Years

Amongst the many options of e-cigarettes available in today’s market, choosing an e-cig best suited for your vaping needs can be difficult. Luckily, Logic provides customers with three distinct options. Whether you are an active, outdoorsy adventurer who likes to vape or you're craving convenience and simplicity, Logic has a device suited for your needs. If you’re a vaper, 21 years or older, keep reading to find out which device you identify with.

E- Cig Refill Variety

Are you looking to try something new? Do you like to explore new vaping experiences? Logic Pro vapers feel the same way. There are three refills to choose from for your Logic Pro device. Keep it classic with traditional tobacco, feel fresh with hint-of-mint menthol, or explore a different take with Toasted Tobacco.

Tried and Tested Vaper

If you’re constantly on the move and trying to keep up with an active lifestyle, you likely don’t have time to ponder your e-cigarette options. You’re looking for an easy, go-to device. Logic Power Rechargeable is a reliable, quality device that can keep up with your bustling lifestyle. Logic Power Rechargeable is compact and fits easily in the palm of your hand. With up to 300 puffs per charge, this e-cigarette will last you through the day.

While many factors come into play as you choose an e-cig, we’re sure you’ll find something worth enjoying at Logic. Check out our versatile line of devices and refills before you reach your final decision. If you have any additional questions about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Consumer Care team.