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What to Do with an Empty Disposable E-Cig

Can You Refill an Empty Disposable E-Cig?

In the realm of e-cigarettes, convenience is key. That’s why Logic offers an incredibly easy method of vaping using our expertly designed Power Disposable. Logic Power Disposable lets vapers enjoy all the convenience of an e-cigarette, without the hassle and worry of keeping it charged. While this device is exceptionally easy to use, the biggest question customers ask is: what do I do with my empty disposable e-cig? We’re here to answer your question.

Can You Refill Disposable E-Cigs?

This question is commonly brought up amongst disposable e-cig vapers. In short, the answer is no; you cannot refill your empty disposable e-cigs. The purpose of a disposable e-cig is to discard the device responsibly when you are finished using the product. Tampering with the empty e-liquid cartridge will affect the device’s ability to function properly. When the device’s battery depletes, or the e-liquid runs empty, it is time to dispose of the device.

What Do I Do with an Empty Disposable E-Cig?

Once you are finished with your Logic Power Disposable, you can responsibly discard it through a recycling program. In order to promote responsible e-cigarette disposal, we have partnered with Call2Recycle – an industry leader in rechargeable battery and electronic goods recycling. Call2Recycle has nearly 30,000 collection sites in North America, conveniently located near gas stations, convenience store and supermarkets. To find a battery drop-off location near you, call 1-877-2RECYCLE or visit www.call2recycle.org.

Can I Refill Other Logic Devices?

No. Logic has made it easy for vapers by eliminating the hassle that comes along with refilling your own vape device with e-liquid. We offer pre-filled capsules and cartridges that easily fit into Logic Pro or Logic Power devices. Each cartridge or capsule comes pre-filled and contains between 300 and 500 satisfying puffs, depending on your device and usage. Do not attempt to refill any Logic cartridge or capsule when it is empty. Simply responsibly dispose of the refill and purchase another refill pack. Additionally, for added convenience, each refill comes complete with a new coil and atomizer. If you attempt to refill the device, you run the risk of overusing the coils, possibly harming your device. Always replace capsules or cartridges with Logic’s pre-filled refills.

Logic has made vaping easy for all our customers with our prefilled e-liquid cartridges and capsules. Don’t complicate vaping by attempting to refill a cartridge or capsule yourself. For any questions you have about Logic devices and refills, feel free to message our trusted Consumer Care team through our chat feature.