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Cartridge Coils Reign Supreme

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When it comes down to vaping, all users want one thing: a convenient and easy way to enjoy flavorful vapor. Yet when a person thinks of a traditional tank mod, the word convenience does not necessarily come to mind. Bulky components with complicated coils make maintaining the device difficult and time-consuming. That’s why Logic has perfected the integrated coil system, making device upkeep easy and hassle-free. Check out the differences between a tank coil and cartridge coil to get a true feel for their benefits.

Defining Cartridge Coil Size

Tank coils are typically very large. When using a tank, more e-liquid is pulled through the coil, justifying the need for its bigger size. Cartridge coils, on the other hand, are much smaller and integrated into the refill capsule. Logic coils are sized to ensure the optimal amount of e-liquid is pulled through the device, and the perfect amount of vaper flows out for a consistent puff, every time.

About Vape Atomizers

Because the cartridge coil is smaller, the atomizer within the device is scaled down as well. The atomizer is the element within a vape or e-cig, composed of a heating coil, wick, and e-liquid reservoir. The e-liquid flows through the wick and into the center of the heated coil. In a tank-based device, the atomizer system works in the exact same way. No matter the design of your vaping device, all atomizers contain these basic elements. However, Logic atomizer’s fit perfectly within our handheld devices for a more natural vaping experience.

Varying Vapor Puffs

Logic cartridge coils are integrated into each capsule refill, designed to efficiently deliver the perfect amount of vapor. This size design helps to regulate the amount of vapor available with each puff. Tank coils, on the other hand, are designed to absorb a hefty amount of e-liquid at any given time, resulting in huge clouds of unnecessary vapor. Logic’s smaller cartridge coil size ensures each user receives the right amount of vapor with each puff, without garnering wasteful clouds.

Affects on Resistance Level

With the differing coil size comes a change in resistance level. Tank mods are designed for sub-ohm vaping, meaning there is less than one ohm of resistance within the tank. A low amount of resistance results in huge puffs of vapor. Logic e-cigs, on the other hand, come at a fixed power setting derived from the constant coil voltage and resistance values. Each device maintains a sweet spot between low and high voltage, perfecting the vaping experience. Check out our blog on coil voltage for a more in-depth look at how ohms affect the quality of vaping.

Cartridge Coil Maintenance for Your Vape

Probably the most valuable aspect of an integrated coil system is the minimal amount of upkeep required. Coils are designed to fit into each refill. When you change your cartridge flavor, the coil is replaced as well.

The detail and precision that goes into manufacturing each Logic device is clear. We have nailed down the desired aspects of an e-cigarette and designed our devices with the user in mind. That’s why each cartridge coil is expertly integrated into each refill. Each user receives the perfect amount of vapor with each draw, paired with the convenience of easy upkeep.

For more information on the components of Logic e-cigarettes or how our systems work, feel free to browse our guides or reach out to our customer service.