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Learn Vaping Terminology Logic Pro Vape Pen

Logic's Guide to Vaping Terminology

So, you’ve just picked up your newest Logic device – congratulations! As you experience the wonderful world of vaping, you probably have a few questions about all this funky jargon. We get it, the technical language behind vaping can get a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve created a vaping terminology guide to keep you up to speed on the latest vape-related terms. .

Atomizer: The heating element inside of your e-cigarette device. As this heats ups, it speeds up the movement of the molecules inside of the e-liquid, producing vapor.

Batteries: The power source to your device. Logic devices have lithium ion batteries that can be charged using a simple USB charger provided with your purchase. Discover more about Logic batteries in our blog post.

Cartomizer: A cartridge with a built-in atomizer. With Logic cartomizers, there’s no need to change coils or update your atomizer. When you change your capsule, your atomizer starts fresh too.

Cartridge: The removable container that holds the pre-filled e-liquid. With a clean and easy integrated coil system, Logic Pro capsules allow you to conveniently swap out refills as frequently as you’d like.

Clouds: A popular term for the vapor that is exhaled after taking a hit of your e-cigarette.

Coil: The metal heat-conductor within the heating element.

Dry Burn: When the e-liquid has run out, yet you continue to turn on the heating element in your device. This is not recommended for proper vape device use.

Dry Puff: A harsh, dry tasting hit resulting from insufficient e-liquid left in your capsule.

E-Cigarette: Electronic cigarette. A cigarette shaped device that contains nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled by the user.

E-Liquid: Liquid that gets heated and vaporized within the e-cigarette.

Ohm: The measure of electrical resistance within the e-cigarette battery.

Resistance: The rate at which electricity is able to travel through the heating element. A lower resistance provides faster heating and greater vapor, while high resistance results in slower heating with less produced vapor.

Vaper: A common name given to a person who uses a vape or e-cigarette.

Vapor: The substance produced as a result of heating e-liquid within the e-cigarette device.

Wick: The absorbent material that draws e-liquid up into the heating element to be turned into vapor.

This vaping terminology cheat sheet may come in handy while speaking with other vapers or requesting support from Logic consumer care team. To learn more about Logic devices, and how these terms come into play, head over to our Learn & Explore Page. Our Frequently Asked Questions will have all the information you need to have a convenient and satisfying vaping experience.