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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Device Safety


While we ensure all Logic products are designed and tested using state-of-the-art methods, the safety of your device is highly dependent on how YOU use and care for it.

All of Logic’s products containing Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and are compliant with internationally recognized safety standards, particularly UL1642 and IEC 62133 standards. We recommend that all of our customers care for and/or use our products in accordance with Logic’s safety and warning instructions.

Please ensure you ALWAYS HANDLE YOUR DEVICE WITH CARE and only use it in accordance with the instruction leaflet. If you are ever in doubt about the performance of the battery inside your device, immediately stop using it and contact our Customer Service team.

Please also be mindful that all vaping products are different and that you should only TRUST RELIABLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR GUIDANCE on the safe use of your chosen product. You can find additional battery safety tips on the FDA website by simply accessing the link below:

Charge all your products containing lithium ion batteries at times when you are awake and can keep an eye on them. You should never charge these products overnight or leave them unattended.

As with all electrical and electronic products, short circuits can cause them to perform unpredictably and cause damage. To avoid short circuits when using vaping products like Logic, avoid exposing the electrical contact points of your device or battery to coins, keys, key-rings and other metallic objects carried in your pocket or bag.

When carrying vaping products, we recommend that they are assembled in full and carried separately. This will avoid the risk of them coming into contact with other objects that may cause damage to the device.

A chemical reaction inside the battery (whether in use or not) provides electrical power to your device. These chemical reactions are sensitive to extremely high and very low temperatures. Under these conditions, the chemicals inside the battery will start to deteriorate which can severely impact the performance of the battery and device. For that reason, you should not leave your device in places where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as leaving it in your car or in direct sunlight.

Electricity and water do not mix. Exposing your device to water may create dangerous short circuits inside the battery. If your device is wet or damaged in any way, you should stop using it and replace it immediately.

Your device may become UNUSUALLY hot (i.e. too hot to touch) for a number of reasons. Stop using your device immediately and let it cool down in a safe place far away from flammable materials. Please contact a Logic Customer Care Representative for advice on how to return or replace the product.

Logic products have been designed to work with specific lithium ion batteries which themselves have been carefully selected and tested to meet our high quality and safety standards. You should never attempt to open up your device and tamper with or change the battery it contains.

Logic products are to be used exclusively by adult smokers and vapers 21 years or older. Minors must not vape and must not have access to vaping products. We recommend that all vaping products be kept away from children by, for example, keeping them out of reach on a high shelf or in a locked drawer/cupboard. You should also keep a copy of your Logic product leaflet safe to hand. This provides helpful guidance and support if you have doubts or concerns when using Logic products.

At Logic, we have carefully designed and tested our products – including devices with their batteries and their respective USB chargers - to work safely with one another and protect you from safety-related issues. Using an alternative device, adaptor or charger that is not made by Logic is not recommended.