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Vapeleaf Series

Designed for the tobacco connoisseur, Vapeleaf is the revolutionary way to enjoy vaping with real tobacco flavor. Using our proprietary capsules filled with real tobacco, Vapeleaf offers a truly authentic tobacco taste experience.

  • Man Vaping Logic Vapeleaf Pen

Each capsule contains a unique blend of premium granulated Vapeleaf tobacco that’s perfect for vaping. Because the tobacco isn’t heated directly, there’s no burning, smoke smell or ash.

  • Vapeleaf Capsules

Each pack of Vapeleaf capsules comes with a cartridge filled with high-quality, nicotine-free e-liquid that turns into vapor when gently heated. The vapor passes through the tobacco capsule, picking up real flavor and nicotine to give you a rounded tobacco taste with a full finish.

  • Woman holding a Logic Vapeleaf

The Vapeleaf device comes with a high-powered lithium ion battery that delivers up to 250 puffs per charge. That’s up to a full day of real tobacco flavor.

  • Vapeleaf Pen and Capsules

The perfect starter kit, the Logic Vapeleaf Device Bundle has you covered with everything you need to enjoy real tobacco taste without the hassle. Featuring the Logic Vapeleaf device, plus your choice of any two 5-capsule packs, this bundle will have you ready to vape right out of the box. Choose from premium tobacco capsules in Regular, Menthol Green or Menthol Purple.